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June 15, 2011

Too Hot to Handle.....

Summer is upon us and that means that the heat is here!  Those of you who read this blog that live in Houston know what the word “heat” means.  Man, it’s hot as hell outside!  It’s get in the car and burn yourself on the seats hot.  It’s melt your CD’s in the car hot.  It’s “if your  A/C doesn’t work and you still drive placed during the day, you are a damn fool” hot!  Summer heat in Houston makes you not want to do anything.  What’s messed up about that is, it only gets worse!  This is just mid June.  When August comes around, people literally die.  Every year, 10 or so elderly people die in their homes because of the heat.  I better get prayed up because if hell is worse than this, I need to cancel that reservation now!
With all that said, I sent lil mama to softball camp this week.  I signed her up a couple months back with the idea that it will help get her skills up and make her a better player.  What happens after the first day?  “Daddy, it’s too hot to do this every day”.  Really?  You are really going to call me with this nonsense.  Does she know that I will snatch a plug out of her a** for that?  Too hot?  Fool, you only have to go to this camp for 4 days!  You can’t tough it out for four days?  What kind of kid are you?  Then I stepped outside…..I felt her pain.  I started sweating as soon as I touched the door.  I hadn’t even walked out yet. 
So, then I had to call lil mama back and tell her if she wanted to quit, I would understand.  I was fighting with that decision because you don’t just up and quit *ish.  Especially stuff I paid my damn money for! Just like the elderly, every year several kids die or pass out from heat exhaustion so I get it.  It is hot as hell outside.  But……I paid $250 for you to go to this damn camp for 4 days!  It’s from 9-4, that’s only 7 damn hours! You mean to tell me that you can’t make it happen for four days.  There’s no way in hell I would’ve been able to quit.  My mama would’ve looked at me stupid and told me the only way that I could quit is if I died out there!  I don’t believe in quitting so of course I’m in a bind.
I’m teetering on the side of child abuse by making her go out there in extreme conditions but at the same time, I don’t want my lil mama to hurt herself in any way.  Do you know what I could be doing with that damn $250?!
So, an hour or so later she calls back and tells me that she is going to go the next day.  Come to find out, she wore jogging pants out there with some thick tube socks and a T-Shirt.  Fool, you are going spontaneously combust in all that!  WTH!  So, she tells me that she is going to wear shorts and a tank top the next day.  Well, she calls me the next day to tell me that she had fun and really liked it.  She did however, tell them at one point that she needed to sit down because it was too damn hot.  Good job, Shaggydoo.  Good job. 
That really made me proud.  I was proud of the fact that she didn’t give up and she was going to tough it out.  She’s learning some new things and she’s enjoying herself.  I had a proud dad moment.  Because if she would’ve decided to quit I might’ve had a moment and slapped my $250 up out her a** on GP!  Going around wasting money, you’s a damn fool! 
I don’t remember it ever being hot in Huxtable land so I don’t really know what Cliff would do.  He always had on those damn sweaters……

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Keshia said...

I would've quit. I can't stand walking from my building to the (connected) garage. According to the news we've broken 6 records with this heat. So I say congratulations to her because I couldn't do it.