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June 3, 2011

Summer This and Summer That.....

I assume that a good portion of readers of this blog are parents so, just like myself, the end of the school year has been thrust upon you. What does that mean you might ask?  You know what it means!  Your kid spending more time with you and getting on your damn nerves!  School is a stress reliever for parents.  It offers sanctuary from the whining, begging, crying, complaining, and everything else that comes with having kids.  For 6 or so hours a day, they are someone else’s problem.  Now, they’re in your damn face all day wondering what we’re going to do next.
This post is from a different perspective.  You see, for the first 30 days of the summer I won’t have my lil’ mama with me.  Court documents say that she has to spend the first 30 days (consecutive days) with her mother.  It’s supposed to be 45 but I wasn’t having that.  That fool might have tried to take my damn baby to the motherland.  That’s where her silly a** was at for 8 months.  Hell naw!  Not working. Not doing volunteer work.  Not doing a damn thing.  Just there! (I have nothing against Africa or its inhabitants, I have a problem with that damn fool taking my child to another country) Anyway, lil’ mama left for her Granny’s house (where her mother is) the day school let out and she couldn’t wait!  I don’t even know if she told me bye.
There’s a big issue with the whole thing though.  She’s going to be over there for the next month seeing, hearing, and doing stuff that isn’t allowed in my house and after 30 days she is coming back and I am going to have to deal with it. I am going to have to deprogram her a** all over again.  It was hard enough doing it the first time and now I’ll have to do it again.  So much tomfoolery (I love that word) goes on over there.  Lil mama’s mama is an idiot sometimes and she lets her get away with murder.  It isn’t cool.  Manners, gone.  Respect, gone. Diet and exercise, gone.  It all pisses me off because we’ve put in so much work to get things where they need to be and it’s all going to come unraveled. I am no saint and it ain’t all good at my crib but there is structure and accountability.  I’m too easy sometimes and I do let lil’ mama get away with stuff but I don’t baby her, I’m not her friend, and she is responsible for herself and her actions. She doesn’t really like me and I’m more than alright with that.
I’m trying not to be pissed about it because there isn’t much I can do.  I can only sit back and wait to see the mess that comes back home. 
On a brighter note, lil’ mama was commended on the Science portion of the State test.  I was really proud of her but it makes me wonder what was tested.  This is the same child that circled; D) a table, as the answer to the question “Which one of these solids can change forms and be poured into a glass?” Technically, you can do a lot to a table to pour it into a glass but she wasn’t thinking that way so don’t try it y’all!  Especially when the other choices were ice cube, butter, and wax. (something like that) Before you say, “this boy’s child is dumb as hell”, she missed like 10 out of 20 and after I checked, all her answers were dumb a** answers.  Well, she was rushing to go outside and just chose whatever.  PISSED ME OFF!  After I punched her in the back of the damn head and made her redo her homework, she got them correct. Anyway, she got commended on the test so I’m assuming that she took her time.  Or, she cheated or guessed her a** off! Either way, I was a proud papa!
Well, again, there isn’t much I can do about her leaving and to be honest, I miss her a little.  Not a lot, she gets on my damn nerves!  However, I do miss her and I’ll be happy when she comes home.  She won’t, at all, but I will. 
Remember how nice and sweet the Huxtable grandparents were? They didn’t have a deranged mama living it up off the government and child support sleeping on their couch.  Well, at least they didn’t show those episodes on TV. Well, my lil mama’s grandparents and *ish like the Huxtables and I’m not either……

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