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August 15, 2011

I Ain't Ready.....

It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you……

Hello Blog world, how are you? Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written but I’ve had a lot going on.
New job, moved, got married, etc. Haven’t really had much time to write but I’m climbing back on the saddle.

Seeing as though I’m not a single father anymore, it may require me to switch up my blog a little. Don’t get it twisted, I’m still the same ol’ father that you’ve been reading about. The difference now is, I have some reinforcements. Godsfavoriteshoes will put one up her A** if she gets out of line and I’m not around. I may have to get my bail money ready when she goes upside lil’ mama’s head. I’m cool with  that though.

There will be some of you that will read this and say “she ain’t her mama, how dare she do that?” Well, I’ll tell you how. I was raised in a house with a step father and let’s just say, he didn’t play that. The same rules apply in my house. It’s about respect. If lil’ mama can’t fall in line and respect the rules of the house, she can get molly whopped by four fists instead of two!  Things will be even more interesting seeing as the two of them will be spending more and more time together. See, lil’ mama is starting middle school next year and the wife teaches at the high school next door. So, they will ride to and from school with one another. Isn’t that a riot! I’m sure there will be plenty of silent rides. I wish I could be a damn fly on the wall for all of that tension! HA!

Lil mama ain’t gonna be able to get away with *ish! Every time she thinks it’s all good or she wants
to do something fly, wifey is going to be at the school in her behind. Not only that, she taught at the
middle school last year so she has plenty of eyes and ears in the building. I can’t wait to get a f**ked up report about her doing something dumb. It’s going down! Y’all know how I do it. (SMILE) Little does she know, step-mom enrolled her in a pre-AP science course. So, she is going to actually have to study. Isn’t that grand!

Outside of my sinister thoughts regarding her “Big Brother is Watching” moments that she will encounter, I am trippin’ about her going to 6th grade. I’m nervous, scared, and a little excited at the same time. Look, I know how I was when I got to middle school and boy have times changed. BOYS! Man……that’s all I can say. Lil mama isn’t short on curves, I’ll say that. BOYS! Damnit! BOYS! Hopefully I won’t have to slap the *ish out of her and someone’s son. I have to stop. I ain’t ready, I’m really not. I talk all this *ish but I’m not ready for that yet. If she knows like I know, she ain’t either! Damn…..

Well, there’s nothing to do but get ready, all three of us. It’ll be interesting. I will let you guys know who stabs who first. I’m a hard sleeper but my wife isn’t. Maybe I need to learn to sleep with one eye open. I won’t get her in her sleep though, I’ll prison yard shank her the minute I get a bad report. Just

Cliff was a little too cool with Bud when Rudy got to that age….Hell Naw, I ain’t Cliff Huxtable!


Keshia said...

So glad to see a new posting. I had a Great Stepmother who when need be got in me & my brother's face. I appreciate it now and your daughter will too when she realizes she has someone who genuinely loves and cares about her. Glad to see that you're back & Congrats again on the marriage. Oh & the wedding was fun!!!

Dave Van Buren said...

Congrats on the Wedding! Sounds like your fatherhood adventure is just starting to get interesting lol