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October 28, 2010

That's Just Plain Nasty!

Spit (as an intransitive verb) – to eject saliva as an expression of aversion or contempt. (Merriam-Webster Online)
So, on my way home from work I get a phone call from my daughter as I do every day to let me know that she made it in the house safely.  I ask the usual questions like, do you have homework, how was school, what do you want to eat, and so on and so forth.   Before I can hang up the phone she goes on to tell me that she had “something to tell me”.  Usually, that means she’s:
A)     Gotten a bad grade
B)      Broke something in the house
C)      Didn’t do something she was supposed to or…
D)     Trying to come up with the biggest lie on earth to cover up for something that she’s done in hopes that I don’t find out or investigate.
Well, she goes on to tell me that a little girl on the bus spit on her.  Not just on her, in her damn mouth!  WTH!  I damn near wreck after she tells me but it’s okay, she’s on her cell phone.  I figure she’s calling me from the principal’s office, the back of a squad car, a juvenile detention center or something because I assume she beat the hell out of that little girl.  Hell no, she’s calling me from home!  She got spit on and did nothing about it.  Can you believe that?
I am not one to condone violence as I am not a violent person but….if someone spits on you, BEAT THE HELL OUT OF THEM!  I told my daughter that she should’ve ripped that girl’s arm off and beat her to death with it. 
I had to educate her that spitting on someone is the lowest of lows.  To spit on someone is one of the lowest forms of disrespect.  I would rather someone walk up to me and slap me opposed to spit on me. Spit, I just can’t wrap my head around it.
…..and to top it off, my daughter and the little girl are friends again.  WTH?  Man, I should’ve been bringing her cigarettes, putting money on her books, writing letters to her or something.  Spitting on my lil’ mama should’ve provoked an act of violence that is only matched by a higher authority than me placing restraint on her. We should’ve made the news with me pulling an Antoine Dotson!
Hide your kids, hide your wives, and hide your husbands from little girls that spit.  You can’t hide fool; my daughter has your scent and your DNA in her mouth!  I digress…..
Instead, she’s a damn spitty mess!
Man, she could've slapped her, pinched her, or been just as damn nasty and spit back at the filthy child.  Instead, she needs a damn tetanus shot and I am left wondering where I went wrong.  I guess that’s why I ain’t Cliff Huxtable.        


Anonymous said...

that is plain nasty, since she was nasty and i did not hit , I would have to revisit her when she least expect, and it would be a nasty one from way down deep...i would say hey mary i got a surprise for you, pew remember this i never forget and will get you, want more...then i know that i would have to pay the price at school and say, now take me to the dungeon..she needs to sing the winners son, I got you back whooa whoa I got you back

Anonymous said...

that is a wrap, just call me Ms. Ms Nasty if you want to, this would be sweet when I did this, God forgives haha

Erika Jewel said...

Oh. Em. Gee. I would smack the hayle out of my child if she did OR allowed this. You let somebody spit in your mouth? And if I was the parent of the spitter, I would have wore. her. ass. OUT!!! What kinda nasty isht is that? How the heck do you even fix your brain to say "Hmm, I think I'm going to spit in her mouth right now". Who does that? UGHHH See, this right here, THIS ISHT RIGHT HERE would be the one time I gave an adult a pass for wearing a stranger's child out.

Whew. That pissed me off.

Anonymous said...

You are too funny and hats off to ya. My husband has custody of his two girls and when they started their cycles he was at a loss too. Funny?!!!! Nothing is sexier than a man that is willing to sacrafice and take care of his own when the mama cant. God bless you and yours. Love ya blog.

Coy Fallacy said...

I can only imagine what that was like. Hell I can only imagine what it is like raising a girl. LAWD!!! I prayed for boy because I knew the Lord would get me back from when I was a little lady.

Spit!!!! LAWD HAVE MERCY! I would have been expelled for that. I understand about your daughter not fighting back. My son always has an excuse why he didn't hit back. He fought one ime and that was over his kidergarten teacher! Damn!

Kee of Coy Misconception

bayoucreole said...

All I can say about it is...I feel ya!
...and they're friends again?
Great blog.

Dave said...

Man thats nasty as hell! I can't believe they are friends again. spitting on me is grounds for lifetime grudge!

Nice blog!

Anonymous said...

are you sure she wasn't trying to tell you that she SWAPPED spit with another girl...

are you sure she wasnt trying to tell you she kissed a girl and that she was feeling that maybe, she might like girls...like maybe she wanted to see how you would react to her having another girls spit in her mouth.

I look for the hidden meaning in just about everything.