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May 25, 2012

Is it Really That Serious?

I know that I might ruffle a few feathers with this post but I feel the need to get this off of my chest. School is out and we just finished the graduation season. Parties, gifts, tears, and the like but I just don’t get all of the hoopla. Maybe I am just being an a**hole but I just don’t get it. Maybe it’s just me but AREN’T YOU SUPPOSED TO FINISH HIGH SCHOOL!?

If it all boils down to me being an a**hole about the situation I can deal with that but I didn’t know graduating high school was a grandiose accomplishment. Yes, I am aware of the fact that you can drop out and everything in between but for the most part, you have to go to school. Unless you had the most f**ked up parents on the planet, they made you go and expected you to finish, right? I’m just confused; I don’t understand what the big deal is. Don’t get me wrong, there are certain circumstances that warrant all of the hooping and hollering as you step across the stage. Some kids come from troubled homes, group homes, broken homes, poverty, etc. I get that. If you made it through with all of those obstacles, you deserve someone yelling your name and blowing an air horn. There were two special needs students at my brother’s graduation that got standing ovations and I totally get that. That was a MAJOR accomplishment. But…….if you drove yourself to the damn graduation in a brand new car, come on!

Seriously, kids can’t even fail now days so what is all the fuss about? Kids are happy to get 70’s and the teachers are more than happy to give it to them. The emphasis is on the state exams and not curriculum. The kids know this and take advantage of it. If I was a student, I wouldn’t do *ish either. The minute I thought I was about to fail, just go to the counselor, plead my case and my teacher will modify my work/grades to help me pass. Know the game and play it well and you can coast through school now.

Maybe it’s the punka** parents that cause all of this. I was scared of not graduating so I had to make it happen. I didn’t get a new car, new shoes, clothes or anything like that in school. I had a damn job. I didn’t get rewarded for making D’s! “Oh baby, at least you passed”. Man, F**k that! My mama hit me across the head for *ish like that. (I guess that’s why I always lied about getting my report card) My mom expected me to graduate and go to college. (I guess that’s why she was mad the whole 2 years I sat around the house and did nothing) Not finishing high school was not an option.

Look, I’m just saying that it doesn’t make any damn sense to me. Parents reward mediocrity and the kids accept it. Parents are happy that little Eric graduated with all D's and 1.5 GPA. At least he made it, right. Okay, okay, okay, some kids are just plain damn dumb! If your kid is one of those kids, be happy. But, if you just had a child that skated by, don't be happy for their lazy a** bareley making it. The grad who did it with honors, scholarships, awards, deserves some face time because they put in the work. Your lazy a** child doesn't deserve *ish for barley completing a job that they were SUPPOSED to finish!

The stigma is that finishing high school makes you grown. NO IT DOESN’T! You aren’t grown until you hit the real world, leave mama, pay some damn bills, bump your head a couple times…..let go of her titty! That’s grown! Diploma and 18 doesn’t make you grown and I wish they would stop with that *ish! Getting a diploma just means you finished something that you were supposed to finish and now it’s time to move one. Going to college is a privilege and completing your degree is an accomplishment. No one made you wake up in the morning and go to class. No one made you enroll. No one make you cram and pay attention. YOU did that on your own. That deserves recognition. Kudos to you college grad!

Parents, be happy for your children when they step across the stage and accept that highschool diploma but DAMN, little Johnny didn’t just win the Nobel Peace Prize. He completed high school; he was supposed to do that…..

Would Heathcliff do all that?


GFS said...


People reading this post...please forgive him! LOL

No matter how many years I have had talks with him about graduations being a rite of passage or the fact that some kids don't actually graduate for various reasons...he still goes off on tangents! He's just being ornery in his old age. SMH

He also doesn't believe that one year olds can't have birthday parties because they can't remember them. LOL

You're a mess Sean!

The Jaded NYer said...

I'm all for the grad parties IF the grades are stellar (i.e. 95+ average). Otherwise you get a meal and a "good job" from me :)

As for birthday parties- BLASPHEMY!! You'd better let those babies have their parties, shooo!